Rachael, 21, easily amused mademoiselle snarksalot. I play video games and draw things sometimes, always with varying levels of success.

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Those are “Limbo Lenses”.

" They let let you peer into the plane between life and death. It’s where all my warriors reside as ghosts unless they made a pact. In that case I’m not sure what they would appear as. "

Ava’s Demon - Edit.

I bought eyeliner today specifically because it made me think of dishonored :|


HAHA I have like, a backlog of these color palette thingies I need to burn through. Anyways I was wondering what Zevran’s tattoos looked like so I drew them

Mmm gotta go pick up some stuff for my trip today because I don’t want to have to find things last minute, but I’m thinking I need to reunite with my tablet soon.


Chell scribbl


first time the Inquisitor takes Iron Bull someplace cold



I know people on tumblr will appreciate this more than my mom did and that gives me hope



but can you drive 90 degrees up a mountain

that is the real question

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